All Blacks on Tour

The past couple months has been all about one thing – rugby. Coming back from Rachel’s Wedding we caught the first match – New Zealand vs Argentina. From there it was a constant stream of matches every week.

In the ballot, we managed only to get the one ticket, to the All Blacks second match versus Namibia. It was out at The Olympic Park Stadium, built for track and field at the 2012 London Olympics. Rather than watching Usain Bolt outsprint his opponents, we watched the speed and swerve of Nehe Milner Skudder with Lexi and Tom.

Namibia Match with Tom and Lex (Credit - T Dillon)
Namibia Match with Tom and Lex (Credit – T Dillon)

In all, the match was a bit too one sided for the fans – the first Mexican wave starting only 15mins into the game. The Namibians were valiant however and battled with a try to a 58-14 defeat.

The local British pubs became the go to for the Georgia and Tonga matches and through our friend James misfortune in booking two sets of tickets for the Quarterfinals against France. We snapped up the extra’s and climbed aboard the bus bound for Cardiff. The party bus, full of supporters, nervously drank their beers. The French had that effect. Once into Millennium Stadium, the atmosphere quickly changed. The All Blacks show got off the track and into full flight – Julian Savea “The Bus” blockbusting his way to 3 tries. We were full of more confidence after the 62-13 win.

The Party Bus (Credit - P Wyatt)
The Party Bus (Credit – P Wyatt)

The Semi Finals the following week was a lesson in winning ugly. The old foe – South Africa pushed us close with a 20-18 victory. New Zealand always looked dominant in the hard match. Mitch was offered finals tickets from a South African client, but at £750, was a touch too far.

Tickets did come up though. The resale website of RWC2015 put forward numerous tickets at face value. It was every man and his dog on the website, all rushing for the same tickets coming on as English, Irish, Argentinian and South African fans alike gave up their prized hopes in the form of seats.

James again came through. Finding two tickets, then after a brief domestic he came across another couple that was much cheaper he gave the original two to Mitch. Tam wasn’t keen and preferred to go to the Fanzone, so Mitch went with his mate Crerar. Tensions were high as the last of the remaining seats got snapped up. People did surprisingly well to get rid of their body parts to purchase their piece of history.

Packing a scrum (Credit - B McQuoid)
Packing a scrum (Credit – B McQuoid)

And what a game it was! We all know the result – a resounding victory over the Australians 34-17. A masterclass performance. When the Australians came back, we were drowned out by the Australian crowd around us. They quickly took off once the tide came back in. The party in Twickenham had begun. Back to back. What a time to be alive!

National Anthems
National Anthems
Party in the Fanzone with the girls
Party in the Fanzone with the girls





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