Disneyland Paris

When Mitch was 13, he was taken to Disneyland in Los Angeles by his parents. Being a teenager, he was too cool to go on the teacups and too bored by the ‘Small World’ ride. Lucky we were able to revisit the childhood dream, giving less care for how childish we might act.

Tam on the other hand had never been to the ‘happiest place on earth’ – albeit the French speaking version. In fact, to us, the thought of the French culture embracing American icons was a bit puzzling – but at the same time, is there really anything more American than French fries?

We got tickets with friends from another flat – Andrew, James, Melody and Jo. To be honest, we got a really good deal, £160 for an all inclusive, all you can eat, hotel, park and flights deal with Wowcher. They were practically giving tickets away for that amount. With a recent bail out to the tune of £800 million from the big brothers in the States, the park was in much need of a boost. Despite this, there were hordes of people present on this Saturday braving the frosty cold.

The rides were all much like what you would have seen at the American parks, but seemed smaller for those who could remember (maybe it’s because some of us had grown bigger). The rough order of play was dictated by the availability of the ‘Fast Pass’. It didn’t take Tam long to work out how to scam these and our itinerary went something like; Phantom Mansion, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Princess Parade, Space Mountain, Armageddon, Thunder Mountain, Christmas Parade, Small World, Snow White, Space Mountain, Star Wars, Teacups and Buzz Lightyear before the final Frozen light show.

IMG_1999 (1024x768)

We hadn’t watched the most recent release (and the biggest grossing Disney Movie) based on Hans Christian Andersons’ Snow Queen, but after the show (and a gift for Tam’s niece) we were committed to watching it.

An American dining experience at Planet Hollywood at midnight capped off a long day. Andrew set a fast pace – Craig Barret would have been proud as we wouldn’t have made it around otherwise…

A day of fun and excitement in the magical kingdom is a must for the child at heart. I hear that it gets more visitors on a weekend than the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower combined – how’s that for a triumph of French culture!


2 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris

  1. So glad you got to experience a Small World again Mitch…perhaps through different eyes this time. Is really a wonderful place!!!!

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