Neuschwanstein Castle

The train from Munich to Füssen was full of entertainment. Opposite us on the train a Chinese tourist was enjoying his can of Lowenbrau. Enter Frank. Frank sat down and promptly started making friends with the guy. Both had poor English and Frank was very drunk for 10 am. Watching the two of them try to interpret each other was a good laugh. Eventually Frank managed to acquire his can of beer and then turned his attention to us. He kept talking to Mitch in German, who to be fair looks a bit like one (he got it all week). He actually had quite a fancy for Mitch, telling Tamson she had a “beautiful man” – at least she could understand him…

Changing trains we sat next to a Chinese mother and daughter who ate their tuna sandwiches with large open mouthed bites. Between each chew you could smell the charter boat and hear the squelch of a squid. Outside the train the Bavarian Alps rose up and the vast green fields spread far and wide. We watched the Sound of Music the previous weekend and it seemed a lot like this…except for the camel farm, that was weird.


Smartly arriving in Füssen and transferring to Hohenschwangau by bus, we walked up the hill for amazing views of Neuschwanstein Castle, Ludwig IIs’ romantic vision, perched high atop the hillside. Ludwig never got to see the current castle finished but the place still looks pretty impressive. The jagged rocks rising up into the high spires seems right out of a fairytale – more pomp than protection.  Jostling with the hundreds of tourists on the high bridge for a good vista and a snapshot was a bit of a scrum. Eventually we managed to get a few snaps and amble down through the forest, along the lake, back to the express train.






So long Bavaria, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye! Will be back again.



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