A short post here. My typing fingers are burning…

After dropping off the dented rental and a long evening in bed, the next morning we had the whole day in Venice. The bus to Venice was about as tight as it got, similar to the London Tube, so we didn’t mind too much. The heat made it a bit worse. Coming off the cattle truck and merging with the flow of tourist traffic was an experience in itself. Passing hundreds of Gelateria, Pizza shops and Mask vendors before we eventually decided to get ourselves lost, which turned out to be quite easy to do. Finding the Rialto we made a sandwich on a jetty and watched a few gondola go past. We contemplated getting a ride, but at 80 Euro, it was a mountain too steep for us. We also couldn’t see how it was considered so romantic, because Venice, being built on marsh and having a crude sewerage system, gets a certain smell in the waterways when it is hot.

After getting lost in the side alleys, several times, we eventually made it to the Piazza. Unfortunately most was covered in scaffolding, but the big square swarmed with people taking in the large Roman style buildings. In a bit of a rush we followed the signs back, made the bus and the later flight home in typical fashion, complete with our packed and heavy bikes.

Italy was one of our most favourite areas and we have only touched on the north! Looking forward to seeing more of this country.


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