Jinja, Uganda, the adventure capital of East Africa, promised some big things and didn’t disappoint. Our first night had a small mishap and in the night storm two of the other tents were slashed and robbed, occupants still inside. A few valuables were lost, but the essentials kept safe.

The following morning saw a few Ugandan Police armed with Klashnikov’s patrolling the campground. A few items were recovered. The rest of the day was good opportunity to restock in the local town, do some washing, and laze around in the bar. Transport is on the back of a motorbike, we chose the safer option and packed 12 people into a 7 seat van. Two new people have also joined the team, Aussies.

A quiet drink in Jinja
A quiet drink in Jinja

On the second day the action packed Nile Rafting Explorers expedition was set. We drove about 40km down the Nile, past a couple hydro developments (the more recent one having flooded the beach at the campsite in the past few years), to the starting point. Our group of 5 Kiwis and a token Aussie were inducted and introduced to our raft leader, Gareth, of Gloucester. The rafting was epic, with a few grade 5’s (had to get out for the grade 6 and walk around (disappointing). We were the only raft who didn’t manage to tip (again, to our disappointment), but we lost the Aussie on the second rapid. The down time on the still patches involved rowing, fighting the other crews, rowing, swimming, more rowing, eating pineapples and despite putting on primer and double coats of sunscreen getting a wicked sunburn. Tam gained a few freckles!

Raft briefing. Gareth in the foreground
Lay Down Sally - Losing Jill over the side of the raft
Lay Down Sally – Losing Jill over the side of the raft
Over she goes...
Over she goes…
"Hey guys...I think we lost Jill!"
“Hey guys…I think we lost Jill!”
Get Down!!!
Get Down!!!

On the last full day in Jinja, Tam managed a visit to a local volunteer project to watch people build a school. The day was full of heat and threatened rain. It was all capped off with the Sunset Cruise on the Nile. The sunset we probably missed due to the open bar… The drinks were laid on thick and fast. We both jumped of the top deck and caused a big ruckus. When we got back to the camp bar, Tam managed to ‘saddle’ one of the older custodians, take his hat and slap his backside like a cowgirl. Mitch made an early exit, vomiting in the tent and outside the front door for good measure. Over the night the area flooded, washing through the bar and spreading the nights destruction.

The hangover was great fun. Driving via Kampala to Entebbe. Mitch was horizontal across the seats for most of the trip. A stop off at Mr Tasty’s deep fried fast food restaurant for some dry chicken and chips made the day go a bit better. Mr Tasty’s: ‘Makes you go Hmmmmm’ (Not sure if the ‘H’ was intended…

Entebbe we managed to find some limited space for our campground. A casual game of ‘pass the unripe mango’ resulted in a few bruises, especially when more projectiles were introduced to the frenzy. Next we are exploring the Ugandan highlands, in search of more wildlife, including chimpanzees and gorilla.


4 thoughts on “Jinja

  1. the photos of the white water rafting are spectacular. Hopefully Jill was picked up somewhere- no one sounds that worried!! Pleased to hear from you guys- we are looking each day to see if there is another entry. We will have the skype on tomorrow. xx

  2. Hahaha! “Makes you go hmmmmm”… Gold!
    Trip sound awesome guys! Glad you haven’t been killed by a hippo yet.. I’m almost having as much fun here.. Rach is going to make me repetitively jump off the jetty with Muttley, till she gets a good photo for her canvas… Apparently Muttley lands on u and scratches you, so I’m looking forward to that haha!

    All the best! Blog is great.


    P.s. hope u didn’t blow ur calf out in jumping contest Mitch

    1. Saw the jetty pics. Class act that Mutley. Trick is to jump last and jump further…too late. Just had a big lobster, octopus, marlin and calamari dinner in Zanzibar, but the bill came back with a few zeroes on it… It’s the Disneyland of Africa. Everything is more expensive here! I think I owe Tam a few cocktails now!
      Hope Tarawera is going well. Should try and commandeer a boat for Hot Water Beach.

      Bobby calves are fine, just too much compartment syndrome I guess…

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