Eldoret and Border Crossing

As I (Mitch) am typing, I am watching the sun set over the headwaters of the Nile at Jinja, Uganda. Tam is preparing dinner, peeling spuds and frying boerewors (I’ll be on dishes duty with my group afterwards). We arrived here early afternoon and had a good swim in the world’s longest river, it is pretty dirty here, wonder how bad it is at the other end…

Yesterday we stayed in near Eldoret, home of the fastest Kenyan runners. After donning a pair of running shoes and the best running kit five of us ran through the local village. With a few “Howareyou” calls from the local kids we ended up getting into a few races. The high altitude reduced us to a few walks and gave us pins and needles in the arms. In the morning we saw a few of the ‘real’ pro’s striding along the roadside.

The campsite we were staying at is run by an Indian named Raj, he is known for being eccentric and it has a steam running through the bar! Bill Gates has even stayed here. With an early rise we set off for the Uganda border crossing.

The roads were endlessly lined with shacks and people commuting. Before the border a woman had been hit by a petrol tanker and a police checkpoint was set up. With each house we passed kids would wave in delight at the “mzungu” passing by. We tried to wave back to most of them, but probably felt that job was best reserved for the Queen. The odd teenager or elderly woman being less innocent gave us the ‘one-finger salute’.

The Uganda border crossing was relatively seamless and an almost immediate difference in the landscape is apparent. Uganda seems to be heavily agriculture based, with blood red soils and even centre-pivot irrigators. Coming to terms with a new currency is difficult NZ$1 = 2,250 Ugandan Shillings.

On the road we have managed to read a fair amount of material. Tam has got through a couple of ‘Hunger Games’ books on her Kindle and I have ploughed through ‘Outliers’ and ‘The Kite-Runner’. Next in the truck ‘library’ is The Complete Works of Shakespeare, a few romance novels and some German literature…maybe I will pester Tam for her Kindle soon.

Will get some more photos up in the next few days. Jinja is the adventure capital of East Africa and the next few days should disappoint. We are already down to do some white water rafting. Keep you posted


5 thoughts on “Eldoret and Border Crossing

  1. What a different life? How the rest of the world lives,all very interesting. I have just come back from seeing Dad cycling down Hamurana, very tame compared with what you are doing, all good though,& dad doing well. Keep up the blog & all that goes with it, it”s just wonderful!! Take care

  2. Shikes “White water rafting in Uganda”!! hard to believe you’ve got enough time to read so much. Really fantastic weather here, feels like Africa on a good day. Do you know Jane and Kent are now in NZ go to NZ just to late to see Dorothy. I did Rotorua 1/2 Iman while Mum biked to bridge to nowhere so both had good weekend. Take good care Rich

  3. I just hoped you survived the white water rafting and didn’t take on the bungy jump at the end!! I have reservations about their H&S!! sounds like uganda is more developed and setup than we would have thought. Missing you xx

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